As a trained graphic designer I’m observing the subject from different angles and choose the appropriate style.

My passion is architecture, advertising illustrators of the 1970s, sci-fi, international politics, and playing with Lego.

Illustrations to book by architecture studio OK Plan Architects. → Take a look at the full project.

Illustrations and graphic design of books by Salman Rushdie: The Golden House, Quijote, Languages of Truth.

Electromobility; Czechoslovak Divorce, for E-conomia Events.

Illustration for re-knihy project.

Crossroads for Ukrainian moms with kids seeking refuge.

Event by reSite, a global platform connecting people and ideas to improve the urban environment.

Illustration proposal for Netflix’s DARK series campaign in Berlin. Nice training in portrait illustration, though.

PORSCHE, Wall installation in HQ. Art-direction by Nicole Erkens, Optimist.
The artwork consist of four regional maps with 34 landmark icons and a lot of city maps.

A Tea with Tchaikovsky. Illustration for an event in cultural space Atrium in Prague.

Manifesto Market’s 2019 key visual. The illustration also appears in motion, so → take a look at full project.

Brush illustrations, editorials.

Illustrations & graphic design of the book “Made in Japan; essays about japanese pop culture” → Take a look at the full project

Limited edition of a book for the World Yoyo Championship in Prague called YOYEUR. The publication itself is the dock for a unique type of Yoyo made for this occasion only. Take a look at the complete project.

Various book cover illustrations, together with graphic design.

‘Nomads’ was an exhibition about contemporary nomads. People who constantly travel, migrants, holidaymakers. Illustration and graphic design.