It’s time to suppress the ego. The goal is to create a bespoke illustration tailored to your specific needs. The style of drawing, the color, everything shall match your brand identity or product philosophy.

As a trained graphic designer I’m observing the subject from different angles and choose the appropriate style.

Otherwise, my passion is architecture, advertising illustrators of the 1970s, sci-fi, international politics, and playing with Lego.

Shake-it is a family brand that makes cereal snacks and drinks.

Illustration for re-knihy project.

Illustration for ‘Automatic Reply‘ project. A free library of automatic e-mail replies composed by Czech writers or illustrators. As seen in prime time news at 46:30.

Concept illustrations for Prague’s Maker’s Fair, 2022.

Photo-illustrations for covers of a cultural centre. 2008.

Illustration proposal for Netflix’s DARK series campaign in Berlin. Nice training in portrait illustration, though.

PORSCHE, Wall installation in HQ. Art-direction by Nicole Erkens, Optimist.
The artwork consist of four regional maps with 34 landmark icons and a lot of city maps.

Manifesto Market’s 2019 key visual. The illustration also appears in motion, so → take a look at full project.

Illustrations & graphic design of the book “Made in Japan; essays about japanese pop culture” → Take a look at the full project

Limited edition of a book for the World Yoyo Championship in Prague called YOYEUR. The publication itself is the dock for a unique type of Yoyo made for this occasion only. Take a look at the complete project.

‘Nomads’ was an exhibition about contemporary nomads. People who constantly travel, migrants, holidaymakers. Illustration and graphic design.

Decoration of a street style fashion store Kebab. 2007.