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brand design, magazines’ layout, illustrations or bespoke campaigns.

Brand identity of Prague's first cultural and gastro market, built of shipping containers.

“It was a provocative and bold combination, much like Manifesto’s mission: to push for the innovative use of Prague’s cityscape while stimulating the senses.” — The New York Times
Tasks: logo • brand identity • graphic design • illustrations • advertising campaigns

Zahálka: is a new Prague neighborhood of seven stylish apartment houses. The logo is composed from the first letter of its name Zahálka (which could be translated as Dolce-far-niente) – Z, and a sign. The shape of the letter refers to a puff cushion, a party balloon and other ephemera of relaxation and laziness.
Tasks: logo • brand identity • graphic design • advertising campaigns

BEast magazine was an internationally published fashion and attitude glossy for the new Europe. It seeks to capture the energy of enlarged Europe through edgy fashion spreads, contrarian features that challenged received wisdom, and photo and travel editorials that gave a real insight into the East European region and beyond. In other words, east Europe in all its aspects, from the sexy, beasty glam to the cheesiness—and sausages.
Tasks: graphic design • illustration

OK plan is an architecture studio from Humpolec, Czech Republic. I was asked by a friend, who designed their retrospective book, to illustrate it.

Art installation for Nike Air Max Anniversary. The centerpiece is a large shoe box decorated by invited artists. I went for a travel of abstract shapes through space and time.
Tasks: artwork installation

Limited edition of a book for the World Yoyo Championship in Prague called YOYEUR. The publication itself is the dock for a unique type of Yoyo made for this occasion only.
Tasks: graphic design • illustration

Made in Japan, the second book of Labyrint Publishing’s Fresh Eye edition, consists of essays on Japanese pop-culture written by young authors with fresh yet informative views. Its design interprets Japanese pop culture's approaches towards western elements, e.g. the (mis)use of Latin fonts, garish visuality, a lollypop feeling.
Tasks: graphic design • illustration

Bel Mondo was a long-reads lifestyle magazine.

2012–2014 • Tasks: logo • brand identity • graphic design • art direction • illustration

Graphic design & layout of a quality food magazine published by the Czech largest supermarket chain. Despite its corporate origin, the magazine was considered as one of the best in the country — Albert v kuchyni.
2017-18 • Tasks: graphic design • illustration

Pragtique means more than just a souvenir store. It unfolds collaboration with local artists and creates new values centered around one theme – Prague. Both the logo and the style had to be simple to embrace various visuals.
Tasks: logo • brand identity • graphic design • art direction • illustration

RSBC is a private investment group managing 35 companies across 8 countries. In need of corporate identity we developed a system of standards-based on inherited, yet edited logo.
Tasks: brand identity • graphic design • art direction

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